Server Clustering Solutions

What better way to backup your system than to separate its duties to two or more servers? Our load balancing feature offers you a surefire failsafe, ensuring that your system is never overworked by balancing the workload with ease. It is fundamentally a process of reliability by redundancy.

High Availability

High availability is ideal for users in need of constant uptime. By grouping together a cluster of servers to provide redundancy, clients’ servers are configured strategically to reduce the chance of downtime and increase reliability.

Example Server Cluster Configurations

Cog Hosting offers high end, one-on-one cluster and solution design. Clusters can include any number of elements, from any of Cog Hosting's Dedicated or Cloud products, combined with specialist hardware, networking, software and expertise.

Server clustering makes sense for many websites and custom applications that have specialized requirements and must be manually configured and administrated.