Hybrid Cloud is the Future

There are a variety of different businesses and hosting needs that exists, we admit there isn't just one particular server configuration that will suit everyone's needs best. With that mentality and our wide array of products, we've started thinking ahead at what's possible and what would suit client needs best.

Customize Hybrid Solutions Easily

At Cog Hosting we believe hybrid cloud solutions are the future of IaaS providers. In the past we were able to configure solutions with the dedicated options provided to us, but now with private and public cloud options at our fingertips, we're able to craft and customize the best hybrid cloud solution for just about any client.Let's say you have a substantially large database, but need lots of CPU and RAM to make your website run as quickly as possible. You could put the back end on a dedicated server, and let the public cloud run the front end of your website with ease. With a hybrid cloud, we could even help you create a cluster of servers for your own reselling needs. The possibilities are endless, and our trained staff members and our community are available to help you with your ideal solution.

Uniquely Tailored Options

Cog Hosting offers a full range of Infrastructure products and you can use any number and combination of them in your hybrid cloud solution. All products are managed from the integrated Client Portal.