Managed Devices

Some high traffic websites or applications require Clustering Solutions or just simple load balancing to create a stable user experience. Systems that handle sensitive data or need to be HIPPA or PCI compliant often require a dedicated firewall device. Cog Hosting has extensive experience in sourcing, configuring and managing such devices.

Managed Dedicated Firewalls

Dedicated Hardware Firewall (Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall) $169 per month
Dedicated Hardware Firewall (Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall) $480 per month


Managed Dedicated Load Balancers

Kemp LM 2200 Load Master $360 per month
Kemp LM 2500 Load Master $1,120 per month
Kemp LM 3500 Load Master $1,630 per month
Kemp LM 5500 Load Master $3,260 per month


Dedicated Switches

Dedicated HP ProCurve Hardware Switch $199.00 per month
Dedicated 1 GBPS Enterprise Class Switch $229.00 per month
Cisco 1 GBPS Enterprise Switch $400.00 per month